Month: September 2020

September 2020

The heat and lack of rainfall set the stage for wildfires in Oregon this month. The smokey conditions kept us inside for more than a week following Labor Day and the plants themselves didn’t seem too happy about the poor air quality either. Many… Continue Reading “September 2020”

Distance Learning Week 1

Our new school is starting 100% remote, which is a big change for our crew. In spring, our last school gave packets….. and that was about it. Truthfully very little learning was facilitated by that school and I was mega frustrated. I’m really happy… Continue Reading “Distance Learning Week 1”

Welcome to Oregon

Not long after my initial posts my husband and I had a heart to heart about our life and goals. With this soul searching, we came to a strong conclusion that we needed to make a big change. So rewind… 5 years ago, following… Continue Reading “Welcome to Oregon”