Welcome to Oregon

Not long after my initial posts my husband and I had a heart to heart about our life and goals. With this soul searching, we came to a strong conclusion that we needed to make a big change. So rewind…

5 years ago, following my residency training, we moved back to our childhood hometown. We bought an old Victorian home and dug into life. We had big plans and expectations regarding our families, community involvement, and friends. Our small town was certainly eager to have a young family move in and the responsibilities piled on… and on… and on. Our schedule became one giant to-do list without the balance of friendships and family support.

Although we hemmed and hawed about it, there was probably no doubt that we would end back in Oregon. COVID changed the timeline and trajectory of our move, but here we are 6 months later settling into the Willamette Valley. Our new home is smaller but the yard and garden are bigger. I look forward to sharing our new adventures.

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