Distance Learning Week 1

Our new school is starting 100% remote, which is a big change for our crew. In spring, our last school gave packets….. and that was about it. Truthfully very little learning was facilitated by that school and I was mega frustrated.

1st Grade Art Class

I’m really happy with the engagement of our new school in Oregon. The teachers are finding new and interesting ways to use technology to teach students. For example, my 6th grader is getting to use the Garage Band App in his music class which he thinks is amazing.

Each kid is set up in a different room with me bouncing from room to room troubleshooting and my preschooler trailing behind. Although kids quickly pick up how these apps work, they are slower to problem-solve when things don’t go as planned. There have been meltdowns, mostly by the kids. And they have needed extra hugs, praise and encouragement for their efforts. In turn my husband has been pretty great about praising and recognizing my efforts too, which has felt nice.

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