Month: October 2020

Bulb Planting

I love spring bulb flowers. I drag my husband and kids to nearby tulip festivals. I’ve planted bulbs at almost every garden I have owned. My last house had a great daffodil bed, that gave us three weeks of spring cheer when skies were… Continue Reading “Bulb Planting”

Raised Beds Part 1

Shady Oaks Garden currently does not have any raised beds. But IT DID! I can see the outlines of an old garden in my back yard, rectangular markings laid out in a grid. See above image maybe squint and you can see it. There… Continue Reading “Raised Beds Part 1”

Dividing Irises

It is currently fall of year one and I have started in on the usual fall chores. This first year an important chore will be dividing the irises. In all of my previous gardens, there were little to no established plants. This means that… Continue Reading “Dividing Irises”