Raised Beds Part 1

Shady Oaks Garden currently does not have any raised beds. But IT DID! I can see the outlines of an old garden in my back yard, rectangular markings laid out in a grid. See above image maybe squint and you can see it. There were holes where fence posts were removed. We even heard through the grapevine that there used to be multiple green houses on sight. I feel like an archeologist putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

I can’t imaging taking out raised beds and removing greenhouses for blank lawn. I have some degree of frustration at their removal because I am putting those beds back. It’s my major goal of the winter. So I continue to look at options for raised beds trying to figure out what style and size I’m going for. My list of requirements are:

  • Not too expensive, ideally $50-ish a bed
  • Can be assembled by me alone. My husband, although helpful is not handy. So this is mostly on me.
  • Reasonable dimensions for easy weeding and harvesting
  • Tall enough to keep rabbits out
  • Bonus points if they can be altered to fit hoop frames

Anyone who has started planning their own raised bed garden, will know that the options and plans are endless. Every gardening blog and outdoor store has free plans. Currently I’m leaning towards something like this from Milkwithameal.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

One Comment on “Raised Beds Part 1

  1. I’ve watched our wild bunnies jump over a 3′ fence with no trouble, and jump onto a 3′ tall table to devour a flat of seedlings…just to give you an idea of height! (Indiana bunnies, not jack rabbits or large ones!)


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