Category: Monthly Garden Review

October 2021

It’s raking season again here at Shady Oaks. Although we removed some dead and diseased trees this spring, it hasn’t made much difference to the size of our leaf pile. And our gutters are a stuffed with leaves as ever. October finally brought the… Continue Reading “October 2021”

October 2020

The month was mild and beautiful. Although we had our first cold nights you can’t tell by looking at the garden. We had just enough rain to keep the plants happy but not enough to force us indoors. There were many hours dedicated to… Continue Reading “October 2020”

Dividing Irises

It is currently fall of year one and I have started in on the usual fall chores. This first year an important chore will be dividing the irises. In all of my previous gardens, there were little to no established plants. This means that… Continue Reading “Dividing Irises”

September 2020

The heat and lack of rainfall set the stage for wildfires in Oregon this month. The smokey conditions kept us inside for more than a week following Labor Day and the plants themselves didn’t seem too happy about the poor air quality either. Many… Continue Reading “September 2020”