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October 2021

It’s raking season again here at Shady Oaks. Although we removed some dead and diseased trees this spring, it hasn’t made much difference to the size of our leaf pile. And our gutters are a stuffed with leaves as ever. October finally brought the… Continue Reading “October 2021”

Raised Beds Part Two

As New Years passes, my brain shifts into spring planning mode. Although premature, I just can’t wait to get back outside and into the soil. The first round of seed purchases are done. I let my 5 year old help pick out the varieties,… Continue Reading “Raised Beds Part Two”

Raised Beds Part 1

Shady Oaks Garden currently does not have any raised beds. But IT DID! I can see the outlines of an old garden in my back yard, rectangular markings laid out in a grid. See above image maybe squint and you can see it. There… Continue Reading “Raised Beds Part 1”

Seed Catalogue

This year Santa got me a Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Catalogue for Christmas. Since then I’ve gone overboard with my seed dreaming. I have started following their Instagram (@bakercreekseeds) which has led me down a rabbit hole of amazing heirloom seed companies. I’m starting… Continue Reading “Seed Catalogue”


Then last week, out of the blue, there was an advertisement for Master Gardener courses at a nearby community college.